Press Releases

April 12, 2012

OnixS directConnect Solution Now Supports Nodal Exchange FIX Trade Capture

Onix Solutions Limited (OnixS) and Nodal Exchange are pleased to announce that OnixS has integrated the Nodal Exchange FIX Trade Capture service, which enables straight through processing, into its multi-exchange “out-of-the-box” OnixS directConnect product solution suite. Read More

March 29, 2012

Nodal Exchange and LCH.Clearnet Introduce New Power Contracts for Energy Plus Congestion

Nodal Exchange, LLC and LCH.Clearnet Limited (LCH.Clearnet) today introduced new power contracts for energy plus congestion for over 50 locations in PJM. Offered in direct response to requests from the trading community, these contracts will settle against the Day Ahead Energy plus Congestion prices published by PJM. These contracts will be available for current month plus 48 months forward. Read More