During the last two decades, evolving regional environmental policies have shaped new markets and created new segments for sustainable products and services. These markets span across renewable energy, carbon, renewable fuels and pollutants like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. Renewable energy generation is increasing across geographies and is attracting an increasing number of diverse market participants, expanding green finance and creating new trading opportunities. The physically-settled environmental contracts offered on Nodal Exchange allow participants to fulfill regulatory compliance obligations while also benefiting from advanced risk management solutions and improved operational efficiency during the delivery process.

Nodal Exchange, in cooperation with IncubEx, aims to develop and offer products and services that best meet the growing and evolving needs of the North American environmental markets.

Physically deliverable Futures & Options are available for:

  • Carbon Emission Allowances
    • California Carbon Allowances (Western Climate Initiative)
    • RGGI Carbon Allowances (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative)
  • Renewable Energy Certificates
    • PJM
      • PJM Tri-Qual RECs
      • NJ Solar RECs
      • NJ Class 1 RECs (also as a bankable contract)
      • PA AEC Tier 1 (also as a bankable contract)
      • PA Solar AEC
      • MD Tier 1 RECs (also as a bankable contract)
      • MD Solar RECs
      • OH Solar RECs
      • OH Non-Solar RECs
      • DC RECs
      • DC Solar RECs
    • NEPOOL
      • NEPOOL Dual-Qualified RECs
      • CT Class 1, Class 2 & Class 3 RECs
      • MA Class 1 & Class 2 RECs
      • MA Solar RECs
      • MA Solar II RECs
      • ME Class 1 RECs
      • NH Class 1 & Class 3 RECs
      • RI New RECs
    • Texas Compliance RECs
  • SO2/NOx Emission Allowances
    • CSAPR SO2 Allowances
      • CSAPR TR SO2 Group 1 Allowances
      • CSAPR TR SO2 Group 2 Allowances
    • CSAPR NOx Allowances
      • CSAPR NOx Ozone Season Group 2 Allowances
      • CSAPR TR NOx Annual Allowances