Sustainability is a global, strategic priority for the EEX Group and Nodal Exchange, and we believe a fundamental responsibility for us all.

Within this context, Nodal Exchange entered the environmental markets working in collaboration with IncubEx and listed our first environmental futures and options contracts in November 2018. Nodal Exchange continues to expand our environmental offering, and we now offer the largest set of environmental contracts in the world. In 2020, Nodal Exchange launched eight new Renewable Identification Number (RIN) futures and options contracts, plus ten new Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) contracts. The RIN futures and options contracts are physically delivered and cover the most actively traded RIN markets: D3 RINs for cellulosic biofuels, D4 RINs for biomass-based diesel, D5 RINs for advanced biofuels such as sugarcane ethanol, and D6 RINS for renewable fuels such as corn ethanol. The newest REC futures and options contracts are the first of their kind on any exchange and build on Nodal Exchange’s unmatched suite of REC products. EEX Group’s Global Environmental Exchange (GEEX) will further support the development.  Please click here to view a full list of Nodal Exchange’s environmental products.

“The environmental products we introduced in 2020 are examples of our continued efforts to innovate and meet customer needs in the marketplace. The new contracts, developed with IncubEx, further extend the broadest suite of exchange-listed environmental products in the world and build on the carbon emission allowances, renewable energy certificates, and renewable fuel credit futures and options available on Nodal. Nodal now offers 83 futures and options contracts on 51 distinct environmental markets. We are proud to be playing a role in efforts to improve our environment.” – Paul Cusenza, Chairman and CEO, Nodal Exchange