Market Data Services

Nodal Exchange offers market data across our asset classes and in several different formats. Contact us today to find out how your organization can use our market data to inform trading strategies, monitor market trends, and build historical models. Interested in incorporating Nodal Exchange’s market data into your product or index? Contact a data expert today.


Nodal offers locational futures and options contracts across the United States electricity markets for both peak and off-peak time periods. With a broad suite of products available, Nodal Exchange’s power market data offers deep insights into power prices across the country.

Natural Gas

As a crucial and growing component of our energy economy, natural gas data is increasingly important. Natural gas market data from Nodal offers the information needed to hedge price risk and provide more visibility into this market.


As the energy transition continues and the world shifts away from carbon intensive processes, Nodal’s environmental product suite and market data continues to evolve as well. With the world’s largest suite of environmental products trading on Nodal Exchange, our data can provide insights into the price of carbon emissions, renewable energy certificates, renewable fuel credits, and more.

Access to Nodal Market Data

Our market insights can be accessed in several formats and can help address your trading, research, compliance, and risk-management needs.

End-of-Day File

Delivered as csv files through a secure FTP, our end-of-day data provides daily insights into our markets, including settlement prices, open interest, and volume.

Real-Time Data Feed

Utilizing FIX protocol, our data feed product allows firms to access our market data in real-time to gain more actionable intelligence for trading, assessing risk, and portfolio management.

Historical Data

Leverage our historical data to develop models and test design. With Nodal power futures data extending back to 2013, you have access to insights to refine and optimize your strategy. Nodal offers both historical pricing data and historical anonymized transaction data.