Nodal Exchange provides training for participants interested in better understanding how to use our platforms to trade Nodal contracts.

Our training is composed of company tailored training, including access by request to a replica of the trading platform in a training environment. Our training sessions help educate you and your team about Nodal Exchange and walk you through the specifics of trading on our platform.

Tailored Training Sessions

These sessions are scheduled with individual entities (companies) and provide a tailored session for traders, risk managers, and others with a need to understand the end-to-end functions of the Exchange. These sessions are usually provided via a webcast and conference call with the users of a single participant logged into the Nodal Exchange user interface. These sessions provide an opportunity for users to verify their user setup and conduct a series of task-based activities.

Nodal Exchange staff conducts training sessions on an individual company basis by request. If interested, please contact Nodal Exchange Energy Markets by clicking the button below or call 703-962-9820.