Automated Trade Capture

Through a FIX-based interface Nodal Exchange offers market participants the ability to automatically feed trade details into their Energy Trading & Risk Management systems which greatly increases back office efficiency and accuracy.

To ensure safe delivery, trade records are sent in real-time through a Secure Socket Layer connection. Additionally, historical searches can be performed for reconciliation and audit purposes.  For a copy of the Nodal Exchange FIX Gateway Guide, please contact Account Management by clicking the button below or at 703-962-9820.

Nodal Exchange also maintains a list of trade capture vendors providing third party applications which have been certified for the Nodal Exchange Trade Capture API.

Certified Trade Capture Vendors

Nodal Exchange supports independent software vendors’ creation of standardized applications to work with Nodal Exchange’s FIX-based automated trade capture system. The vendors listed below have completed a set of tests with their applications as part of a trade capture certification process. Nodal Exchange recommends that trading participants that use certified trade capture software from a third party independent software vendor also complete a certification test to ensure their trade data is being correctly captured prior to use in production.

For access to Nodal Exchange’s testing and production exchange environments, please contact Account Management by clicking the button below or at 703-962-9820.


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