Trucking Freight

Freight markets are evolving due to digitization, regulations, cyclical and secular trends.  These trends are driving significant market volatility while also creating significant opportunity. According to the American Trucking Association, over 80% of the nation’s nearly $900 billion freight bill became revenue for the trucking industry. With a market size of about $726 billion, trucking is one of the largest industries in the United States.

Nodal Exchange offers the first trucking freight futures contracts in collaboration with FreightWaves, the leading provider of market data and analytics for the North American freight market. The contracts are financially settled against DAT Solution’s industry-leading spot rate indices.

Nodal Exchange trucking freight futures contracts provide risk management solutions for businesses with exposure to the trucking freight market, including: carriers, shippers, retailers, third-party logistics companies, and financial institutions.

Nodal offers trucking freight futures contracts on the most market-representative trucking lanes in the United States.

Cash settled, monthly term trucking freight futures contracts are available for seven directional lanes, three calculated regional averages, and one national average: Los Angeles to Seattle Van; Seattle to Los Angeles Van; Los Angeles to Dallas Van; Dallas to Los Angeles Van; Chicago to Atlanta Van; Atlanta to Philadelphia Van; Philadelphia to Chicago Van; West US Van; South US Van; East US Van and National US Van.