July 2018

Risk Vignettes: Paul Cusenza, CEO, Nodal Exchange

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We’ve known Paul Cusenza for many years. So we chatted a bit before getting into the interview part of the call. Talked about markets, politics, Summertime in DC and somehow got on the subject of trucking – as in, there aren’t enough truckers to go around, like anywhere.

July 2018

Trucking passes the test for a viable futures market

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What makes a successful futures exchange? In the July 2018 issue of Energy Risk magazine, recently retired Icap Energy founder Paul Newman discussed his five tests for a successful derivatives market: “there must be a range of different reasons why firms come to the market; there must be a sufficient underlying spot market; there must be enough volatility; there must be a credible index; and it must be big enough.”  We believe that truckload transportation passes all five of Newman’s tests.
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May 2018

Nodal takes in enviro markets

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Since Nodal Exchange was acquired by the European Energy Exchange (EEX), part of Deutsche Borse Group, this time last year, the company has made all sorts of announcements. Nodal Exchange launched power options last year and also started up a whole new freight futures market for Q4 this year. At an earnings call in Q1, EEX officers discussed investments and initiatives in blockchain technology in an effort to bring its far-flung array of energy exchanges closer together, Nodal included. Last week, the firm announced that along with its beefy portfolio of power and gas contracts, Nodal will next launch a “broad suite of North American environmental contracts in the second half of 2018.”

March 2018

Building a Powerhouse from Scratch

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Danny Gomez has always been a curious person passionate about finding innovative ways to improve the status quo.  He started his career at an oil and gas start-up, where he quickly realized that the entrepreneurial environment was a perfect fit for him, both personally and professionally.  It also made him well suited for working at Nodal Exchange LLC, where he is now senior director of energy markets.
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February 2018

Follow the Numbers

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At Myshel Guillory's high school, students were not expected to go to college.  They were expected to become secretaries, phone representatives, or mechanics.  But then, Guillory took an accounting class offered by her high school.  Today, Guillory is the chief financial officer and treasurer at Nodal Exchange, which provides price, credit, and liquidity risk management solutions in North American energy markets.
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December 2017

Beyond Energy in a More Global 2018

At the end of 2016, Nodal Exchange and its relatively new wholly owned subsidiary, Nodal Clear, was a stand-alone company – a rare example of a successful start-up exchange and clearinghouse. Nodal grew to be about 30 percent of the power futures open interest in the United States in a highly competitive environment.
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October 2017

A long overdue futures market could decrease rate volatility in trucking

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If a product is going somewhere in the U.S., 7 out of 10 times it is getting there on a truck. Further, according to the American Trucking Association, over 80% of the nation’s nearly $900-billion freight bill became revenue for the trucking industry. That means the trucking industry has a market size of $726B, making it one of the larger industries in the US.  This begs the question: if these other industries has correlated futures markets, why doesn’t trucking? Some futures have been around since the 1800s, yet trucking, an integral part of nearly every industry, has been largely neglected.
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October 2017

TransRisk, DAT, and Nodal Exchange announce trucking freight futures contracts

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Founded with the purpose of addressing volatility for brokers, carriers and shippers in major shipping lanes through risk-management solutions, TransRisk is one step closer to doing just that. The company, along with DAT Solutions and Nodal Exchange jointly announced an agreement to develop, market and list the first and only trucking freight futures and options on futures contracts.

October 2017

FOW International Awards shortlist

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After over 120 entries have been reviewed, the FOW International Awards shortlist has been released.  The winners will be unveiled at a Gala Dinner in London on 7 December at which Icap group chief executive Michael Spencer will receive the lifetime achievement award.  Nodal Exchange has been shortlisted for Exchange of the Year – US and Canada.

June 2017

We got ‘yer power options

And right on schedule, too. Last time we spoke to Nodal Exchange chief Paul Cusenza, he discussed the firm’s surprise transaction with the European Energy Exchange (EEX) – the deal formally closed last month – and his plans to launch a whole new basket of options contracts in power and gas.
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